Multifix Water Softener Iron and Manganese Removal Filter

Multifix Water Softener Iron and Manganese Removal Filter
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Multifix Self Back Washing Water Softener Iron and Manganese Removal Filters offer an advanced treatment for problematic private water supplies from wells or boreholesNSF/ANSI Water Quality Standard

A simple solution to treat 5 problems: hardness - iron - manganese - natural organic matter - ammonium

The special absorbent media contains 5 key ingredients of various orgin which include 2 patented materials.

The manufacturer boast a success rate of 100% and with up to 10 years service life.

How Does Multifix Work?

The filter is supplied with a bag/s of homogeneous media which distributes into 5 stratas upon the first regeneration.  The first layer is a quartz sand which ensures uniform flow across the vessel.  The second layer is a cation exchange resin which softens the water.  The third layer is HumiSorb which removes natural organic matter and metalorganic impurities (reduces colour and tannins).  The fourth layer is FerroSorb which removes iron and manganese compounds. The fifth and final layer removes oxidized iron.

Multifix​ filters regenerate with the same steps as a normal water softener; backwash, brine, rinse.


Details 25 Litres 37 Litres 50 Litres 62 Litres 75 Litres 100 Litres 125 Litres 150 Litres
Tank Size  Inches 10x35 10x54 12x52 13x54 14x65 16x65 18x65 21x60
Recommended Service Flow (m3h) 1.0 1.3 1.8 2.2 2.5 3.3 4.2 5.5
Volume Capacity between regen @300 ppm (m3) 2.86 4.00 5.66 7.00 8.66 11.66 14.5 17.33
Brine Tank Volume Litres 85 95 95 140 140 190 340 460
Regen Duration minutes 75 75 8 80 75 75 80 80
Footprint DxWxH cm 38x66x109 40x68x157 42x70x152 58x90x157 38x66x109 40x68x157 42x70x152 58x90x157














The manufacturer recommends installing a sediment pre-filter before the Multifix​​ unit and a post carbon filter after the Multifix​​ unit for the absorption of any Hydrogen Sulfide odours.  These will need to be ordered separately 

For further detailed information please contact us and we would be pleased to assist with selection of the appropriate sized filter.

Please note that these filters are supplied with the required quantity of filter media in sealed bags and that assembly of the unit will be necessary.  We offer an installation service so please contact us for prices.

We would always recommend that a water analysis is carried out to dertermine the level of iron and manganese present.  This way we will be able to offer the most efficient type of filter for the effective treatment of iron and manganese.  If the level of Iron is excessively high then a Shakesby Iron Removal Filter may be your best option.

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