Shakesby EB1354 Iron Removal Filter

Shakesby EB1354 Iron Removal Filter Shakesby Iron Removal Filters
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Shakesby EB1354 Iron Removal Filter​

The Shakesby EB range are ideal for small domestic usage with low volume requirements such as a single household with a supply containing less than 5000ug/l of iron.  They are fitted into a pressurised untreated supply line.  Routine servicing is simple and can be carried out by the user.

  • System - treats the required water from a pressurised supply
  • Iron level - up to 5000ug/l (5mg/l) depending on site conditions
  • Filter media - SIRM
  • Backwash frequency - 2-7 days (dependent on site conditions)
  • Dimensions - 1.65m high x 0.46m wide
  • Backwash flow rate - 1.135m3/hr
  • Maximum required flow rate - 1.3m3/hr

All flow rates are approximate.

All Shakesby units come witha  1 year guarantee on the condition that the filters are installed by an approved Shakesby Distributor.

The Shakesby range is a specialist product requiring installation by an approved distributor.  For further information and advice on product selection, please contact us.

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