Puricom Binature Direct Flow Reverse Osmosis Filter

Puricom Binature Direct Flow Reverse Osmosis Filter Domestic RO Filters
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Puricom Binature Direct Flow Reverse Osmosis Filter​Puricom Binature Direct Flow RO Filter by ECP Group

The Binature Direct Flow RO filter is designed for point-of-use domestic water quality improvements and offers the latest technolog in home water treatment. Being a Binature Direct Flow RO Filters by ECP GroupDirect Flow unit treated water is not stored in a bulky unhygenic pressurised vessel.  Simply opening the drinking water faucet allows water to pass direct through the filtration unit providing water on demand.


  • Aquastop to prevent flooding - low sensitivity electronic control which blocks the system and warns of any leaks
  • Water quality indicator - LED indicator which indicates when conductivity is higher than the parameter value
  • Filter change warning:  LED and acoustic warning for when cartridge change is necessary

Techincal Specifications

  • Flow rate:  1.4 lpm*
  • Membrane: 2 x 180 gpd
  • Inlet connection: 3/8" 
  • Pump: high performance UP-9500 pump
  • Requires 1.5 to 3 bar water pressure to operate effectively
  • Inlet TDS: maximum 1500 ppm
  • Inlet temperature: min. 20​C - max. 400C
  • Dimensions: H X W x D  445mm x 135mm x 435mm
  • Supplied with quality chrome faucet and attachments or can be fitted to a Tri-flo tap (extra not included)

Can be installed vertically or horizontally.

Will require maintenence replacing consumable components:

  • 1st stage sediment cartridge 6-12 months
  • 2nd stage carbon cartridge 6-12 months
  • 3rd stage RO membrane 12-24 months
  • 4th stage RO membrane 12-24 months

​Above mainenance frequency is provided as a guide and subject to the original water quality.

* Flow rates can vary plus or minus 20% depending on water quality and temperature

Please contact us for current prices and availability.

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