Duplex 100MSE Water Softener

Duplex 100MSE Water Softener
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Duplex 100MSE Twin Tank Meter Controlled Water Softener

The Duplex 100MSE water softener uses two resin columns linked with a flexible multiport valve and is designed to give a continuous supply of softened water.  Whilst one column is supplying softened water, the second is either regenerating or is in standby.

The Duplex 100MSE utilises a Fleck 9000SXT 3/4" meter controlled valve (brass body and corrosion proof plastic meter), so that when one column is exhaused, the standby column switches to supply softened water, allowing the exhausted column to regenerate and go into standby mode. 

Duplex softeners can regenerate every four hours if required but are normally sized to give one regeneration per column per day.

  • Inlet / outle female BSP 1"
  • Resin vessel 2 qty 1465
  • Resin per tank 100 litres
  • Brine tank 300 litres
  • Total regeneration time 82 minutes
  • Salt used per regeneration 16.2kg
  • Capacity @ 300ppm per 4 hours 18.1m3

Industrial water softeners can be tailor made to meet your requirements, please contact us for further advice. 

An extra 250mm height will be required when building the softener on site.  Brine tank size may vary so please contact us if size is critical.

Above regeneration data is based upon use with clean potable water, if water from another source is used regeneration times will need to be adjusted accordingly.

Delivery cost to be advised.

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