PHLIFT 1465 pH Correction Filter

PHLIFT 1465 pH Correction Filter
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PHLIFT 1465 pH Correction Filter​

PHLIFT 1465 pH correction filter ideal for small to large domestic applications, for the treatment of acidic waters from wells and boreholes.

Naturally occurring acid ground waters can cause corrosion of pipework, heating cylinders and equipment, with the associated metallic taste of pipework corrosion.  Copper is dissolved from plumbing systems and deposited as blue stains on fittings and fixtures.  As heat speeds up chemical reactions you may see more staining on the hot water tap.

Water with a pH below 7 is acidic and corrosive.  Raising the pH will neutralise the water and may also reduce any iron or manganese contamination present.

The simplest and safest method of treating the water is to raise the pH by running the water through a filter containing a bed of calcium carbonate.  Our filters use Juraperle and Corosex media.

Where the pH is above 6 Juraperle is a an excellent choice.  Where the pH is below 6 a mixed bed resin of Juraperle and Corosex is required.

Juraperle is a granular media made up of 99.4% calcium carbonate.  It has superior performance to limestone which is generally used in other pH filters.  Juraperle dissolves slowly upon contact with water, it is free from soluble constitutes and has a low silica content.  Media bed will need to be topped up regularly.

Corosex is a high reactive magnesium oxide salt and is used most effectively where pH correction is substantial, or the flow rate is high.  Where there is a pH of less than 6, a mix bed resin is ideal, 25% Corosex and 75% Juraperle.

Due to the specialist nature of this product we will require to know the pH level of your water supply, pumping equipment on site and flows and pressures required.  We will then select the most suitable unit which will meet with your requirements.

All units include: riser tube with bottom distributor, internal outlet screen, 1" In-out head with fill port, valved by-pass assembly and media. 

Filters are despatched empty with media separately, assembly will be required.

Tank Sizes available: 1044 - 1054 - 1252 - 1354 - 1465

Juraperle pH correction media is sold in 25kg bags.

Corosex high strength pH correction media in 50Lb bags.

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