Puricom ZIP Zero Installation RO Filter

Puricom ZIP Zero Installation RO Filter
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Puricom ZIP Zero Installation RO Filter, a truly innovative Countertop Reverse Osmosis Filter. 

The ZIP countertop Reverse Osmosis Puricom Europe products supplied by ECP Groupfilter provides excellent treatment without the hassle of having to fit a separate drinking water faucet and hose connections.  Simply plug into a 13amp socket, fit the cartridges, fill with water and you're ready to go.  The ZIP Countertop is an easy self install unit.  In approximately 10-15 minutes the top container will be filled with purified water and the ZIP will turn itself off.

Transform ordinary tap water into refreshing purified alkaline drinking water.  The ZIP Countertop RO filter incorporates a post inline filter which adds trace amounts of Calcium and Magnesium that are removed by the RO process to provide an excellent tasting water comparible to the most expensive bottled water.

As the ZIP Countertop RO filter is portable it can be used anywhere around the home.  In just 10 to 15 minutes it produces treated water with a 1:1 recovery rate.  This means that for each litre of water only 1 litre goes to waste unlike other RO filters which have a recover rate of 5:1.  The rejected water is stored in a container below the ZIP so that it can be reused for washing, watering, or other non potable use.

Quick, easy change replacement filters which require no specialist tools.  Click here to view an easy to follow installation guide.

4 stage Filtration Process and Frequency of Change:

1st Stage - Unique Five Micron gradient pore structure Sediment Filter which effectively removes sediment and other particles - 12 months

2nd Stage - Activated Carbon Block which removes harmful chemical residues and carcinogens such a THM's, pesticides, chlorine, odour and other VOC's - 12 months

3rd Stage - Reverse Osmosis Membrane a 75gph RO membrane which purifies water virtually from all contaminants on the periodic table. It's the heart of the Reverse Osmosis System- 24 months

4th Stage - Inline Post Alkaline Filter which polishes the water adding beneficial Calcium and Magnesium for an improved tasting water and also increases the alkalinity of the water to a healthy level of pH. - 12 months

N.B. High concentractions of chlorine, turbidity and hardness may reduce the cartridge life terms will be reduced resulting in more frequent replacements.


Width 241mm - Depth 368mm - Height 413mm      

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