Aquaphor Morion RO-101S Reverse Osmosis Water System

Aquaphor Morion RO-101S Reverse Osmosis Water System

The Aquaphor Morion RO-101S Professional Ultra Compact Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water System is the next generation of Reverse Osmosis filters comprising of a high performance unit and compact storage capabilities, making it an ideal choice for today’s modern home.  In utilising cutting edge technology the Morion RO-101S Reverse Osmosis drinking water system delivers purified drinking and cooking water for your home.

The most common complaint with RO treated water is the bland taste.  The Morion RO-101S addresses this problem by enriching the water with a balanced mix of benifical minerals Calcium and Magnesium, that are removed by the RO membrane, thereby providing a natural tasting and healthier drinking and cooking water supply.

Aquaphor Morion Reverse Osmosis ECP Group Ipswich Suffolk UKThe Aquaphor Morion RO-101S drinking water system has a smaller footprint than most conventional RO filters due to the cleverly designed built-in storage tank, making it compact enough so it easily fits under your kitchen sink not taking up valued cupboard space.

The unique air free storage tank takes only one hour to refill with purified water by utilising pressure to deliver treated water to the faucet, unlike traditional RO filters which rely on bulky pressurised storage tanks.  The effficient storage tank also means that the Morion wastes less water than traditional RO filters when producing treated water.  The end result is a greater quantity of treated water quite literally on tap.  No longer will you need to make tiresome visits to the supermarket buying expensive heavy bottled water.  

No longer will you need to be concerned about microplastics in our water supplies and as Reverse Osmsois can filter down to 0.001 micron and effectively remove these microplastics from our drinking water supplies.

Frequency of cartridge replacement is dependent upon the original condition of the water supply being filtered.
When cartridges are due to be replaced, we offer a service whereby we will prepare / pre-charge the cartridges ready for self-installation, please remember to add this to your purchase if required.  We also offer a service whereby we will commission your new unit in our workshop ready for self-install.

 If you cannot find what you are looking for please contact us for expert friendly advice you can rely on.

We offer an installation and maintenance service for all our products, our service area covers East Anglia including, Ipswich, Suffolk, Essex, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Norfolk, parts of Lincolnshire and Sussex.

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