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Ordering products and accessories

Fantastic service, thanks. The items arrived next day in very good order and everything worked. We made an error on some items and our returns and replacements were dealt with cheerfully and at low cost. All very good, will come back again and we will have no hesitation recommending ECP.

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16:33:43 08-13-2020
Annual Water Treatment Service

Always had good service from this company and would recommend them to anyone.

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17:45:20 07-15-2020
Great Service

Dear Josie and team May I congratulate you and your company for taking the time and patience to firstly understand my problem and then provide the right solution to resolve my domestic pumping problem. Al so, it is wonderful to experience trust in a company who prioritise customer needs. All parts are now fitted and working very well, thanks to you.

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12:19:32 06-23-2020
Great service

Ordered from the website on Monday, my watering can arrived by post on Tuesday. Great service in these difficult (Covid-19) times. Thank you very much. Alison

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09:22:23 05-06-2020
Cross-Border Purchase - GREAT Service

I can highly recommend ECP Group. Was looking for a specific retractable hose which is sold out all across Germany. Found it in their UK online shop and asked if it would be possible to ship this to me to Germany. A fair shipping rate was calculated, I transferred the money and the hose was shipped in time. Unfortunately, the unit got stuck at the local shipping carriers warehouse for 9 days, and arrived in damaged condition at my house. I pinged ECP Group and a replacement unit was shipped straight to me, without them even having clarity on the complaints success with the carrier (later it turned out the carrier covered all costs). Josie and Kelby were super friendly, concise and responsive throughout the process, I can only highly recommend their fantastic service.

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13:43:17 02-06-2020
Domestic water supply - refurbishment and maintenance

We have received good service from ECP for the maintenance of our well water supply, their staff have always been friendly and knowledgeable.

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21:12:08 01-25-2020
New Manor Barn Mendlesham

I decided to put Mendlesham Manor and New Manor Barn on the market separately, once I had the planning permission to turn the Barn into living accommodation. I had one big shock when I was quoted in excess of £80,000 to put the Barn on a direct water supply.  So I then contacted four companies that could drill a bore hole for water and would supply the necessary filtration units. The owner of ECP group from Ipswich Rory was the only person to attend site and give me a detailed break down of the procedures and followed it with a detailed quote. The other companies send in rather vague emails. Obviously I went (thank goodness) with ECP, who did an amazing job and kept me fully informed at each stage. An absolutely first class company who I thoroughly recommend and who saved me a fortune

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11:50:05 10-27-2019
New Septic Tank Soakaway System

A very professional job all round. Completed as scheduled. Quality products used and was pleasantly pleased to see the site left in a very tidy state at the end, especially given the amount of excavation and trenching work done.

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14:55:31 09-18-2019
Well Pump Check

I was very pleased with the professional and friendly approach of their staff and helped sort out a long standing problem. Charges were reasonable too. Highly recommended.

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15:08:50 07-09-2019
Bore hole repairs and maintenance

We have again received prompt, efficient and reasonably priced service from Eastern Counties Pumps, when we encountered a problem with our bore hole.

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14:22:50 06-12-2019
Installation of borehole pump

The two pleasant men on this job worked efficiently and speedily on two very cold days in mid-winter. The borehole works well, and I am very pleased with the job overall. Many thanks.

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16:13:08 02-01-2019
First Class Service

We highly recommend this company- the service and after care is first class. They are experts in their field and were so careful to ensure minimum disruption to our garden during the installation. Every member of the team is polite and helpful and a pleasure to work with.

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12:24:12 12-10-2018
Well and Pump Services

I am writing to say a heartfelt thank you for your engineers prompt attendance and efficient work that was carried out. My grateful thanks for the men and your company.

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13:23:07 08-14-2018
Excellent Telephone Assistance

This is a true copy of a lovely letter we received from a client:

Dear Rory Dalzell Thank you for your assistance last week, I followed your advice and the pump now seems to be in perfect order. But why I am really writing is because of your personal help. In this day and age virtually all firms endeavour to obtain the maximum income from customers. Most businesses would have said to me "thank you for calling, we will send one of our engineers to rectify the problem" and then gone on to say "there will be a call-out charge of £xxx plus cost of any parts required." You do not do this and potential customers should be made aware of your company policy in dealing with minor difficulties. You are welcome to use this letter as a testimonial of your business practice. Yours sincerely

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11:44:09 09-28-2016
Thank You

Rory your team are a credit to the company, professional and courteous, it was a pleasure to meet them. Thank you.

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06:05:32 05-11-2016

It was a great experience to work with ECP

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07:00:45 05-10-2016
Borehole and Pumping Equipment Service
Many thanks for an execeptional and prompt service and the great helpfulness of your staff " Mr C, Westerfield, Ipswich 2013
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01:10:06 01-15-2014
Saphir Water Disinfection Filter
Just purchased the Saphir 2 water disinfection unit and want to say how extremely pleased I am with the quality and performance. Would highly recommend this product.
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01:08:38 01-15-2014
Borehole Pumps Service
I would just like to say a big thank you to your team for the prompt efficient service carried out. As always a prompt and efficient service. Thank you
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01:06:38 01-15-2014
New Borehole Water Supply
We're really very pleased with the work your team completed. Very neat and no mess left behind. Also a great bunch of guys so please pass on our thanks to them all.
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01:03:56 01-15-2014
Well Restoration
Thank you very much for the excellent service provided by you and your team. I had the reassuring feeling that I was in the hands of people who knew that they were doing throughout. It would be good to take the next step and supply the house and hopefully we can proceed with that in due course.
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00:42:47 01-15-2014
Well Restoration and Pump Installation
I should like to thank you for the work, which has been carried out to a high standard and the output from the pump seems to be better than our mains supply.
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00:41:38 01-15-2014
Shakesby Iron Filter and Water Treatment
It's now been a week since the installation and the water is crystal clear. Only now do we realise how "murky" the water used to be even before the iron started to oxidise in the bath. The other thing we've noticed is that the water is softer. I expect that is down to the fact that the water softener can now perform better given that the incoming water is more pure. Our decision to go ahead was based on the fact that water is so fundamental to your day to day life that it seemed the right thing to have the best system possible. Only time will tell if the longer service intervals allow us to recoup some of the cost. The installation itself was carried out extremely well. The engineers were very conscientious and were obviously only going to be happy when everything was perfect. With a steady supply of tea and snacks they worked without a break which was great. So, to sum up, despite the whole thing costing more than my car :) I am very happy that I decided to go ahead. Water is so important that I now feel I can relax knowing we have the best possible quality.
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00:39:48 01-15-2014
Well Refurbishment, Pumping and Water Treatment Installation
I would also like to thank you for the work carried out I was amazed that nothing went wrong (as it usually seems to do when work is carried out here!!!) and I am really pleased with the result - I feel a lot happier now that the well has had a good clean it made me feel ill when all the rubbish and mud came out of it and the fact that we now have proper filters installed - so a big thank you to all of you for all you have done.
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00:25:20 01-15-2014
Irrigation System Installation
Thank you for your help in particular the 2 employees who installed the system were excellent.
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00:23:08 01-15-2014
Irrigation System
Your help and advice was excellent and exactly what I required as I don't live in the uk. You dispatched what I needed, promptly and when one part of the distributor malfunctioned you organised a replacement willingly and promptly. I have no hesitation in recommending your company to others.
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10:46:30 01-14-2014