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Gardena 4 Way Water Distributor-8194-20 The Gardena 4 way water distributor comes with: 4 f..
Ex Tax: £29.16
10 Inch Standard Blue Water Filter Housing​ 10 inch Standard Blue filter housing, a hea..
Ex Tax: £21.00
10 Metre Water Butt Kit the 10 metre water butt kit is a unique very low pressure drip pipe that ..
Ex Tax: £18.03
Luminor Blackcomb 5.0 LB5-033 Ultraviolet Water Treatment system capable of treating 3gpm - 11 lpm ..
Ex Tax: £292.00
Pure White hydrosalt 25kg bag Water Softener Salt Tablets suitable for use in all types of water s..
Ex Tax: £10.42
Big Bubba Water Filter Housing​ The Big Bubba non metallic filter housings for high flow rates an..
Ex Tax: £636.00
Claber 0.5 inch Top Black Potable Water Hose   The Top Black Potable water hose has su..
Ex Tax: £8.55
  Duplex 20MSE Twin Tank Meter Controlled Water Softener​ The Duplex 20MSE water soft..
Ex Tax: £0.00
Franke Ultracarb Water Filter​ Compatible with Franke Tri-flow Filters -  The small and comp..
Ex Tax: £21.00
Wood style container treated for long life.  Shaped PVC liner, quick and easy assembly.  T..
£139.20 £72.00
Ex Tax: £60.00
Gardena Water Computer MultiControl The Gardena Water Computer MultiControl has been redesi..
Ex Tax: £70.83
      The Hague Maximizer 410 is a complete whole house water treatment ..
Ex Tax: £1,235.00
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 Hedge Watering Pipe  100 metres  Black​ Hedge irrigation Pipe - 100 metres - Blac..
Ex Tax: £93.62
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Overhead Watering Kit Max 3.5m x 2.5m​ Overhead Watering Kit (Max 3.5m x 2.5m) Ideal if you wa..
Ex Tax: £18.98
Pentair Everpure Premium Drinking Water Filter Kit with Faucet The Pentair Everpure Premium inlin..
Ex Tax: £135.00
Running Water Handle Extension with Joint -5556-24 Running Water Handle with Original GARDENA ..
Ex Tax: £21.25
Saphir1 Ultraviolet Water Disinfection System 18 Litres Per Minute​ The Saphir system is a compac..
Ex Tax: £381.00
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  SAR 40 Clear Water Lifting Tank Prices for this product range are upon application, ple..
Ex Tax: £0.00
T06FS Series 600mm Dameter Clean Water Battery Alarm​ T06FS Series - 600mm diameter - clean water..
Ex Tax: £0.00
Taurus Waste Water Non Mercury Float Switch The Taurus Waste Water Float Switches are i..
Ex Tax: £58.00
Underground Water Storage Tanks​ Made from industrial strength MDPE (Medium Density Polyethylene)..
Ex Tax: £0.00
Water King Sentry Electronic Water Softener​ Domestic plumbing systems In most homes a single ..
Ex Tax: £105.00
  Rainwater Harvesting is not a new concept, but certainly is growing in popularity as many ..
Ex Tax: £0.00
The 10 inch Filter Max 3P Water Filtration Kit is ideal for a variety of water treatment application..
Ex Tax: £45.00
20 inch Standard Blue Water Filter Housing​ 20 inch Standard Blue waterfilter housing, a hea..
Ex Tax: £47.00