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230v Franklin 4 inch Electric Motors and Cable Tails The 230v 1 phase Franklin 4 inch electric mo..
Ex Tax: £354.00
Hand Watering Lance with Rose and Shut Off Valve hose click fitting. Lightweight 80cm stretch and..
Ex Tax: £5.50
Running Water Handle Extension with Joint -5556-24 Running Water Handle with Original GARDENA ..
Ex Tax: £21.25
15mm Standard Fitting Kit​ The 15mm standard fitting kit is ideal for all types of water softener..
Ex Tax: £58.00
Standard rectangular plastic valve box ideal for protecting irrigation equipment, e.g. solenoid valv..
Ex Tax: £24.99
Standard Manifold we have developed the standard manifold to meet the demand of our customers for..
Ex Tax: £56.52
Saphir 7 and 10 Single Ended 75 Watt Germicidal Lamp​ High output single ended germicidal lamp to..
Ex Tax: £64.00
Domestic 50 and 75gpd (RO) Reverse Osmosis Membranes ​​50 and 75gpd RO membranes for domestic Rev..
Ex Tax: £32.90
Claber Standard Twin Tap 8589 A single connector to connect two battery water timers or other dev..
Ex Tax: £12.80
Quick and Simple 16-5-16 Barbed Reducing Tee​ Quick and Simple 16-5-16 Barbed Reducing T The q..
Ex Tax: £1.20
Quick and Simple Elbow​ Quick and Simple Elbow The quick and simple elbow is used to take the ..
Ex Tax: £1.69
Standard Water Filter Bracket Standard filter bracket is suitable for fixing the 10 inch and..
Ex Tax: £5.00
The CA(M) 150 and 200 twin impeller centrifugal jet pumps are self priming units offering a wide ran..
Ex Tax: £350.00
Quick and Simple Stop End​ Quick and Simple Stop End Quick and simple stop end for sealing the..
Ex Tax: £0.94
Standard Spanner Standard spanner to suit the 10" & 20" standard filter housing, aiding ..
Ex Tax: £3.00
Quartz Sleeve Saphir 2 and 3​ Quartz sleeve to suit the Saphir 2 and 3 Ultraviolet..
Ex Tax: £54.50
Sub-Tank 270 Variable Speed Booster and Tank Package To restore system pressure when the mains su..
Ex Tax: £0.00
Quartz Sleeve Saphir 4 and 7​ Quartz sleeve to suit the Saphir 4 and 7 Ultraviolet water dis..
Ex Tax: £61.00
Watering Post Standpipes​ Elegant and inovative high quality stand pipes or watering posts availa..
Ex Tax: £63.00
3P Gutter Rain Collector with Tap and Universal Connector Kit​ The 3P Rain Collector with ta..
Ex Tax: £29.00