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http://youtu.be/eYD0uIhNhsg The Claber Colibri Kit is ideal for those who wish to insta..
Ex Tax: £83.33
Gardena 4 Way Water Distributor-8194-20 The Gardena 4 way water distributor comes with: 4 f..
Ex Tax: £29.16
Your simplest choice for a drip system Leaky Pipe is robust, long lasting and has an even output. Le..
Ex Tax: £28.56
Dry dial pressure gauge 0 to10 with 1/4 inch brass male BSP bottom connection. ..
Ex Tax: £9.08
10 inch 1 Micron Genuine Spun Bonded TruDepth Filter Cartridge  ​ Genuine spun bonded TruDep..
Ex Tax: £8.50
10 Inch Standard Blue Water Filter Housing​ 10 inch Standard Blue filter housing, a hea..
Ex Tax: £21.00
10 inch Nitrate Reduction Cartridge The 10 inch nitrate reduction cartridge is approved for mater..
Ex Tax: £42.00
Luminor Blackcomb 5.0 LB5-033 Ultraviolet Water Treatment system capable of treating 3gpm - 11 lpm ..
Ex Tax: £340.00
230v Franklin 4 inch Electric Motors and Cable Tails The 230v 1 phase Franklin 4 inch electric mo..
Ex Tax: £354.00
Pure White hydrosalt 25kg bag Water Softener Salt Tablets suitable for use in all types of water s..
Ex Tax: £10.42
Luminor Blackcomb Replacement Lamp 3gpm Genuine Luminor Blackcomb replacement germicidal lamp for..
Ex Tax: £76.00
5 Micron 10 inch Sediment Filter Cartridge ​Melt-blown polypropylene light duty range of sediment..
Ex Tax: £9.80
90deg One Piece Micro Jet Green 90deg one piece micro jet green Throw 1.1 metres One piece..
Ex Tax: £0.26
Adjustable Output Dripper On Stake (includes take-off). Our most popular dripper for irrigating cont..
Ex Tax: £0.77
Aquaphor Morion RO-101S Reverse Osmosis Filter​  -  Watch the Video The Aquaphor Morio..
£418.80 £298.80
Ex Tax: £249.00
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Aquaphor Premium Red Jug Filter​ Click here to view YouTube Video  Please watch the vid..
Ex Tax: £6.00
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Aspiri 35 3-24 Cromapres Pressure Set​ The Aspri 35 3/24 (Cromapres) is a free standing booster s..
Ex Tax: £736.00
Auto Drain The auto drain drains down at the end of the cycle to avoid frost problems. One auto d..
Ex Tax: £7.50
Baby Battery Automatic 12v DC Pump​ The Baby Battery automatic 12v DC submersible bilge pumps for..
Ex Tax: £170.00
Barbed connector with female thread The barbed connector with female thread is for low pressure s..
Ex Tax: £0.86
Big Bubba Water Filter Housing​ The Big Bubba non metallic filter housings for high flow rates an..
Ex Tax: £636.00
Bottle Top Waterers Gardeners Pack of 4 with assorted nozzle waterers.  Converts discarged plas..
Ex Tax: £1.00
Brass Bodied Spring Loaded Non Return Valve​ Brass bodied spring loaded non-return valve.  C..
Ex Tax: £6.40
Brass Cap Hose Tail​ Brass cap hose tail with flat seat BSP union nut. ..
Ex Tax: £1.59
Budget Manifold with Barbed Fittings​ Budget Manifold - Barbed Fittings To keep the prices rea..
Ex Tax: £44.90