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5 x Drippers and Stakes - Hanging Basket Irrigation at its simplest The easiest way to water..
Ex Tax: £2.34
Adjustable Output Dripper On Stake (includes take-off). Our most popular dripper for irrigating cont..
Ex Tax: £0.77
The easiest way to irrigate all your containers. 10 x Drippers and Stakes The easiest way..
Ex Tax: £4.42
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Adjustable Dripper In-line On Stake Adjustable dripper in-line on stake is adjustable betwee..
Ex Tax: £0.77
Adjustable Output Dripper includes take-off Use the Adjustable Output Dripper when you have a var..
Ex Tax: £0.51
Dripper for Hanging Garden Water Supplies  The easiest way to irrigate all your containers. ..
Ex Tax: £0.32
Vortex Adjustable​ Output dripper includes take-off Vortex (includes take-off) Max Width 2 metres..
Ex Tax: £0.77
100 x Dripper The basis of the Hanging Garden Water Supply. This 100 x drippers are non pressure ..
Ex Tax: £25.53
Micro Pot Dripper​ Pot Dripper for the Micro Hanging Garden Irrigation System delivers 2lph ..
Ex Tax: £0.47
Orchard Micro Drippers​ Orchard Drippers Pressure Compensated - This system is ideal for..
Ex Tax: £0.51
Orchard Drippers Pressure Compensated - (Pack of 100) This system is ideal for widely spaced..
Ex Tax: £41.45