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GAC 10 inch Granular Activated Carbon  Filter Cartridge​ The 10 inch GAC range of filter car..
Ex Tax: £15.00
PRF-RO Merlin Pentair Carbon Post-Filter​ PRF-RO replacement carbon post filter to suit the PRF-R..
Ex Tax: £19.95
PRF-RO Merlin Pentair Carbon Pre-Filter​ PRF-RO replacment carbon filter to suit the Pentair Merl..
Ex Tax: £31.00
GAC 10 Inch BB Granular Activated Carbon Cartridge​ The GAC 10 inch Big Blue (BB) granular activa..
Ex Tax: £45.00
Pentair CFB-Plus 10 Inch 5 micron Carbon Block Cartridge​ The Pentair CFB-Plus 10 inch carbon car..
Ex Tax: £21.63
Aquaphor K2 Carbon Block Cartridge​ The Aquaphor K2 5 micron carbon block 2nd stage replacem..
Ex Tax: £19.00
Pallas GAC Inline Post Carbon Filter​ will suite all makes of domestic Reverse Osmosis (RO) drinking..
Ex Tax: £10.40
Pentair CFB-Plus 20 Inch 5 Micron Carbon Block Cartridge​ The Pentair CFB-Plus 20 inch 5 micron F..
Ex Tax: £43.13
10 Inch 5 Micron  Carbon Block Cartridge ​ Activated carbon block cartridges to treat water ..
Ex Tax: £14.00
Price on Application Puricom CS GAC Carbon Cartridge Filtration cartridge with NSF certified a..
Ex Tax: £0.00
20 Inch 5 Micron Carbon Block Cartridge ​ 20 inch 5 Micron range of activated carbon block c..
Ex Tax: £18.00
Spectrum OilOut 99 Hydrocarbon Absorption Cartridge ​ The Spectrum OilOut 99 cartridges effective..
Ex Tax: £42.50
  Puricom 5 Micron Combined Carbon Fibre Filter High performance combined carbon fib..
Ex Tax: £0.00
Lead Reduction Carbon Block Filter Cartridge​ The Blue Cap Lead reduction composite Coconut Shell..
Ex Tax: £15.00
​Premier 10 inch Carbon Block Cartridge Spectrum ​Chloramine and highest capacity chlorine, chemi..
Ex Tax: £32.80
Spectrum Inline 870 Carbon Filter Cartridge​s The Spectrum inline 870 in-line carbon filter ..
Ex Tax: £11.50
Spectrum 20 inch BB SCB Carbon Block Cartridges treat water by removing bad taste, odour and apperan..
Ex Tax: £71.68