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The 10 inch Filter Max 3P Water Filtration Kit is ideal for a variety of water treatment application..
Ex Tax: £45.00
The 3P Evergreen Rainwater Harvesting water butts looks so realistic, with deeply recessed bark deta..
Ex Tax: £237.50
Upright 3P Wall Tank ​ These slim line Upright 3P Wall Tank water butts are designed to fit ..
Ex Tax: £285.00
3P Technik Rainwater Harvesting System The complete garden rainwater harvesting system which is s..
Ex Tax: £668.33
  The 3P Utility Water Tank is a space saving design with a large 1500 litre storage capacit..
Ex Tax: £490.83
3P Filter Gutter Rain Collector Diverter​ The 3P Filter collector, filters, collects and diverts ..
Ex Tax: £45.00
3P Filter Gutter Rain Collector with Universal Fitting Kit​ The Filter Collector Universal is the..
Ex Tax: £47.00
3P Rainus Filter​ Gutter Rainwater Diverter The 3P Rainus Filter for installation in the lower se..
Ex Tax: £81.00
3P Leaf Catcher with UK Adapter The 3P Leaf Catcher is simply installed in the downpipe. It filte..
Ex Tax: £26.00
3P Gutter Rain Collector​ The 3P Gutter Rain Collector with coarse filter slats separates debris ..
Ex Tax: £15.95
3P Gutter Rain Collector with Tap​ The 3P Rain Collector with tap has coarse filter slats separat..
Ex Tax: £19.30
3P Gutter Rain Collector with Tap and Universal Connector Kit​ The 3P Rain Collector with ta..
Ex Tax: £29.00
3P Tank Connecting Kit​ The 3P Tank Connection Kit enables the connection of any two tanks with 3..
Ex Tax: £17.95