Wells and Boreholes

Wells and Boreholes

Water, Pump and Irrigation Engineers Engineering Water

We drill new boreholes, sink new wells and refurbish existing private water supplies, for household use and garden irrigation.

Are you aware that legally you are able to abstract up to 4400gpd (20,000 litres per day) from you wells, boreholes, stream other private water supply without requiring an absraction licence?

If you wish to use your wells or boreholes for domestic household use then we will take water samples and submit these to a laboratory for analysis.  We will then interpret the results and advise on any necessary water treatment filters required, so as to ensure that the supply is safe for household use.  Alternatively if you are intending to use the supply for garden irrigation then no further filtration equipment should be required, other than an inline sediment filter to prevent any debris being pumped into the watering system.

We offer an installation and maintenance service for all our products, our service area covers East Anglia including, Ipswich, Suffolk, Essex, Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, Norfolk, parts of Lincolnshire and Sussex.

For those of you that prefer to carry out DIY installations we would be pleased to offer our guidance and telephone assistance for products purchased either from our store or online. Contact us for friendly and expert advise you can rely on.


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