Shakesby Iron and Manganese Removal Filters

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Shakesby Iron Removal Filters ECP Group, Ipswich, Suffolk, Essex, Cambridge, East AngliaShakesby Iron and Manganese Removal Filters


We are distributors and installers of the Shakesby range of Iron and Manganese removal filters for domestic, commercial and industrial applications of private water supplies.  For over 25 years we have been installing and servicing Shakesby Iron and Manganese removal filters, often replacing inefficient and ineffective Triplex systems.  


There are many other types of iron filters on the market which are not as effective or reliable at treating the problems associated with iron rich water.  The Shakesby filter range are Shakesby Iron Removal Filters, Ipswich, Suffolkunique with a patented air drawing system that makes them a cut above the rest.  Their efficiency and performance gives for an extended service interval with low running costs, when compared to other iron filters on the market which inject air into the pipeline.  


The Shakesby filters rely on one cylinder with a special SIRM media, whereas other system have a separate contact tank with air draw system, usually with a separate Venturi which leads to blockages.  


Just to prove how effective and reliable the Shakesby range, is we are still servicing units that have been in use for 25 years or more.


In order for us to select the correct model for your requirements we will require a copy of a recent water analysis showing the iron and manganese level, together with pH and an indication of how your water system is plumbed in.  


If you are experiencing a problem with iron and manganese then contact us for further assistance.

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