An Alternative to Traditional Water Softeners

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The ScaleEject WRAS Approved salt free scale prevention filter requires no salt or electricity and offers an eco-friendly alternative to convential water softeners.  The ScaleEject does not softened the water, its prime purpose is for the prevention of costly scale build up.  A water softener actually softens the water.  We offer both systems.

The technology
A special type of media is used that coverts the scale into microscopic crystals and which then pass freely through the plumbing system without adhering to pipes, fixtures, valves or heating elements.  ScaleEject can be used wherever you require scale prevention, ideal for washing machines, dishwashers, catering equipment, steam ovens and all general cold and hot water household applicances.   The ScaleEject filter does not strip out natural minerals that are found in the water supply making it safe to drink.  The ScaleEject filters can be used ScaleEject Scale Prevention Filters by ECP Groupat point of use or point of entry installations.

Point of use:
For local protection where space is tight, a versatile solution that can be adapted to customers needs.

Point of entry:
To protect the complete water distribution system for domestic and commercial properties against scale, the ScaleEject point of entry range delivers adjustable flow rates and does not require any maintenance during the medias life span.

Why ScaleEject?

  • WRAS approved product
  • Green & Eco-friendly: no use of regenerants
  • No Salt required
  • No rinsing “water saving”
  • No regeneration, so no drain required
  • No electricity, compact solution & easy installation
  • No change in the chemical composition “healthy minerals retained”
  • No effect on corrosion
  • Maintain the efficiency of your boiler and heating system
  • Protects appliances that use hot water

Note:  ScaleEject should not be used with new copper pipework installations as copper ions will attach to the media and prevent it from neutralising the calcium ions.  Allow installations to passivate for a minium of 4 weeks before putting the filter into service.

POU systems require media to be replaced annually.

POE systems require media to be replaced every two to three years.

DO NOT use chemicals that are incompatible with the applied technology.

Warranty:  12 months from date of installation / sale (excludes media).

Unit Size Max Flow Rate Connection Size
ScaleEject 10SL 4 lpm 3/4 inch FBSP
ScaleEject 10BB 10 lpm 1 inch FBSP
ScaleEject 817 15 lpm 3/4 inch MBSP
ScaleEject 835 38 lpm 1 inch MBSP
ScaleEject 935 45 lpm 1 inch MBSP
ScaleEject 1035 60 lpm 1 inch MBSP
ScaleEject 1054 75 lpm 1 inch MBSP
ScaleEject 1252 113 lpm 1 inch MBSP

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