Another Use for a Borehole

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Drainage Borehole by ECP Group
Another Use for a Borehole


Boreholes are not always used for abstracting water for domestic household or garden irrigation.  They can also be used to keep a wet area of the garden dewatered. 


We recently installed such a system for our client that was suffering from spring water overflowing and running across the path of their garden and patio.  The 0.50hp borehole submersible pump we installed, is controlled by electrodes set at an optimum position allowing the pump to automatically silently start and stop when required pumping into an adjacent pond.  Not only will the system keep the area dry, but it will keep the pond topped up.


Originally, we had installed a temporary system to see if the idea would work.  As it was successful, we proceeded with the final installation. Water Logged Area in Garden


If you are suffering from similar problems, then having a drainage borehole installed is the ideal solution.  It is discreet and can also be used for general use around the garden.  Please contact us for further advice.

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