Water Softeners and Water Conditioners

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Water Softeners ECP Group, Ipswich, Suffolk, Essex, Cambridge, East AngliaWater Softeners and Water Conditioners

We are all well aware of the effects of hard water in the home with unsightly scum and scale build up around taps, shower cubicles and the increased effort and time spent in cleaning your home.  However what many of us are unaware of is what is actually happening inside pipework, boilers, hot water cylinders and domestic appliances.  Scale is slowly but surely building up reducing the efficiency of systems leading to higher running costs, increased maintenance and rapid appliance failures.

Use the following postcode search to find out just how hard your water is in the Anglian Region.  For other areas please see our Water Authority Post Code Search Blog.

Having a Hague water conditioner / softener installed will eliminate the troublesome effects of hard water in the home.  Water softeners work by water passing through an ion -exchange media which prevents the formation of scale and scum.  A Hague Water Conditioner / Softener is a truly effective way of treating hard water.

Some of the major advantages of having a water softener installed are: a reduction of detergents used around the home by 50%.  Your laundry will feel softener and fabrics will be protected; gone will be the days of Brillo Pad towels.  The life of washing machines and dishwashers will be prolonged.  Any existing limescale deposits will dissolve in time around the home.  Research by many leading UK dermatologists have identified a strong link between hard water and eczema.  Softened water is also known to have a calming and soothing effect on other skin conditions.

Once you have enjoyed the luxurious feel of softened water you will wonder how you ever managed before.

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