New Independent Borehole Water Supply

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Water Treatment Equipment Installation by ECP Group

New Independent Borehole Water Supply

We were contacted by a client as they were interested in having their own independent private water supply.  Their original supply was from a neighbouring borehole which due to the distance and leaks in the pipework was causing a lack of pressure and flow..  After carrying a detailed prognosis of the aquifer and stratum we concluded that a borehole would be the best option as opposed to a well.

After selecting the most appropriate location for the bore based on proximity to the house and access for our drilling rig, we drilled a new borehole to a depth of 55m into the chalk, with a rest water level of 26.80m.  After pump testing and developing the bore we established the bore capacity to be 675gph (50lpm) with a pumping water level of 27.75m (this is the maximum our pump would allow).  The water level only depressed 950mm; this is an excellent volume of water which provides an abundant supply for our client’s needs for many years to come.

Once all the pumping equipment had been installed, we obtained water samples and sent these off to the laboratory for analysis.  The results indicated an excellent quality water with the only real concerns being the water hardness and nitrates. 

As a precautionary measure we installed a Saphir 3 Ultraviolet Water Disinfection System for peace of mind which ensures a bacteria free water supply. 


To address the nitrates, we installed an under-sink Morion Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water filter which treats the cold drinking water supply.  Both units require annual servicing replacing consumable lamps and cartridges.

To address the water hardness issue, we installed a Multi-Fix self-back washing water softener, iron and manganese removal filter.   This filter offers advanced treatment of problematic private water supplies which incorporates a special absorbent homogeneous media.  The manufacturers boast a service life of 10 years before a media change.  The Multi-Fix operates on the same principles as a water softener, backwash, brine and rinse.  Please click on the above links for further details on the filters installed.

Our client provided positive feed back saying how impressed they are with their new private borehole water supply.  If you are interested in having a new supply or simply wish to upgrade or reinstate an existing supply, then please contact us for further advise.

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