Water Level Fallen in Well Supply

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Water Level Fallen in Well Supply

The recent spell of hot weather we enjoyed in 2018, caused water levels to drop in wells and boreholes and in some instances causing a certain amount of alarm for some clients.  One client contacted us as the water level in their well had dropped to 60cm in depth and was pumping sand. 


This particular well is situated in a sandy crag stratum which has an abundant water aquifer (water supply).  Initially the client was considering having water storage tanks installed to increase the volume of available water however, after a telephone discussion we advised that a better option would be to clean out the well removing the build up of silt and carry out a procedure which our MD Rory Dalzell devised to increase the yield. 


"During the cleaning process I could clearly see water entering the well and the effects of the boiling sand which resulted in nearly losing my favourite spade, as it slowly disappeared into the depths almost being swallowed up by the boiling sand.   Working conditions were rather tricky as I could feel my legs (and I should say my favourite legs) being drawn into the sand and without boasting required my extensive knowledge of well sinking to overcome the difficulties, as they presented themselves.  Please see the following video which clearly explains the effects of boiling sand."


Once the cleaning process was complete, we installed two bores down the well, each bore with its own submersible pump.  One unit to feed the house supply and the other for garden use.  Not only did we deepen the water level, we stabilised the well bottom and increased the yield to an approximate 420gph. (31lpm).


Click on the following link for our YouTube channel where we have uploaded a few short videos taken from various well cleaning / restoration projects.


If you have a well or borehole sitting idle in your garden then contact us for further assistance, we’d be pleased to carry out a site visit and advise on the options available to you.   



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