Another Successful Well Restoration

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Working Down a Well ECP Group IpswichAnother Successful Well Restoration

We have just completed the restoration of a well which had been out of use for more than 50 years and which the client was extremely keen to put back into use, both for historical and nostalgic purposes. 


Naturally in this wonderful hot weather we are experiencing, many gardens have suffered due to the lack of irrigation, as we are all acutely aware of the need to conserve water.  Rainwater Harvesting is a concept which many gardeners are interested in exploring, but as we have frequently mentioned in the past, what better method of Rainwater Harvesting is there than to use a well or borehole water supply.


This particular well is situated in an area which is notorious for sandy soil wind erosion and it can be a full-time job keeping the Dirty Water Pumped from Well Restoration ECP Group Ipswichgarden irrigated.  The client mainly uses drip irrigation which is the most economical method of irrigation as water is targeted precisely where it is required.


Originally there would have been a windless winch used to extract the water by hand lowering a bucket down.  At a later date a hand pump had been fitted and which had been out of use for 50 years.  Whilst cleaning out and restoring the well, we discovered that all the wooden bearers had fallen into the well and sunk into the sandy bottom. 


Snake Removed From Well Restoration by ECP GroupMy first descent into the well was basically to evaluate the condition allowing me to make an informed choice of what would be required.  On my second descent I discovered two snakes, we are still debating as to whether they were adders or grass snakes.  We took no chance, used a bucket and sack to remove them and let them loose. 


We managed to increase the yield from a minimal flow to a fantastic yield of over 540gph with the installation of our top-secret method to restore and increase the well yield.  This is my own invention which I have devised Clean Water Pumped From Well Restoration by ECP Groupduring my 50 years-experience of water engineering.  Here are links to short videos taken during the well restoration process.  Part 1 and Part 2.  We have created a YouTube channel with various short videos of some well restorations we have carried out.


We installed a new submersible pump with automatic Hydrostat which feeds directly into the irrigation system.  Our client is so impressed with the results that they are now interested in reconnecting the house to the private well water supply.  With the abundant supply available this is a feasible prospect.


If you are interested in restoring an existing well, please contact us for further assistance.  We will firstly carry out a well prognosis and then arrange for a site visit where we will discuss and explain the complete process.

Rory Dalzell ECP Group

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