Puricom Direct Flow Reverse Osmosis Filters

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Puricom Direct Flow Reverse Osmosis Filters


Puricom are a worldwide leader in drinking water treatment products.  Their extensive research and development department Puricom Direct Flow Reverse Osmosis Filtershave produced drinking water filtration equipment which are technologically enhanced and extremely energy efficient surpassing standards in drinking water treatment.


What was of great interest to us was their range of direct-flow Reverse Osmosis filters which apart from being extremely efficient and uniquely space saving due to the absence of a bulky pressurised treated water storage vessel.  Direct-Flow RO filters provide treated water by simply turning the faucet (tap) on to produce treated water on demand.  


Puricom Binature Direct Flow Reverse Osmosis Filter

Puricom Binature Direct Flow RO Filter



Compact in design the Binature Direct Flow Reverse Osmosis Filter can be installed vertically or horizontally, perfectly sized it can even fit under any kitchen kicker board, saving on valuable cupboard space.  Some of it's many features include 'Aquastop@ a low sensitivity electronic control which blocks the water supply and warns of any leaks.  An LED water quality indicator which advises when conductivity is higher than the parameter value.  An LED acoustic warning advising when cartridge change is required.







Gutzzi Compact Reverse Osmosis Filter


The Gutzzi Direct Flow RO Filter by ECP Group



The Gutzzi Direct Flow Reverse Osmosis Filter offers a modern compact unit designed by biologists, designers, engineers and private users.  The Gutzzi is so compact that it will fit into the smallest of spaces.  The final stage of the purification process incorporates a remineralisation post filter which puts back essential salts that are removed by the RO process.  The result is a healthier better tasting treated drinking water supply.


Click here to view a short introduction video.








Zip Zero Installation Reverse Osmosis Filter

Puricom Zip Zero Installation Reverse Osmosis Filter



The ultimate counter top zero installation Direct Flow Reverse Osmosis Filter requires no separate faucet and therefore can be mounted virtually anywhere around the home.  Simply plug into a 13amp socket, fit the cartridges, fill the container with water and in 15 minutes you are ready to enjoy refreshing treated water.



Click here to watch short video and installation guide.


The final stage of filtration is a remineralisation post filter which adds trace amounts of Calcium and Magnesium removed by the RO process providing excellent tasting water comparable to the most expensive bottled water.  Waste water is stored in the bottom compartment which can then be reused for watering plants or other non potable domestic use.



The Puricom Direct Flow Reverse Osmosis Filters are suitable for mains water supplies.  They are also suitable for private well / borehole water supplies that have undergone adequate treatment via an Ultraviolet Water Treatment System.  If installed with a water softener then no hard untreated water supply is required, as the RO process removes any residual sodium.


The RO membranes require replacing a 12 to 24 month intervals and all other cartridges at 12 month intervals.  Naturally the frequency of change is dependent upon the initial water quality.


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