Thirsty Customers Patiently Waiting for Their Private Borehole Water Supply

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Thristy Customers Waiting for Borehole Water Supply


Thirsty Customers Patiently Waiting for Their Private Borehole Water Supply


We have drilled many boreholes over the years and would have to say these have been the most patient and eager clients ever. 


We drilled a 45m deep borehole into the Chalk Aquifer as a water supply for livestock for an East Anglian Wildlife Trust.  Drilling in this area was quite difficult due to the presence of large flint stones as after all Grimes Graves is not a million miles away.  However due to our vast knowledge of drilling and pumping were able to overcome any problems as and when they presented themselves. 

Once drilling was complete, we installed our temporary pumping equipment and carried out a mini pump test to develop the bore and ascertain the rest and Waiting For Water from a Borehole Drilled by ECP Grouppumping water levels.  Within minutes our engineers said that they could hear a rustling sound and gentle snorting, then to turn around and be met with a wonderful sight of a Highland Cattle curious but obviously attracted to the smell of clear fresh water.  Within minutes more thirsty and eager clients were turning up, so as there were various cattle troughs standing empty the pumped water was used to fill these up.  Within minutes these were emptied and eager faces demanding more water. 


The borehole was finished at ground level with a raised manhole chamber at the clients request.  Normally we would finish the bore with a chamber below ground level, but in this instance as our client is going to operate the pump with a portable generator, the raised chamber makes it easier for setting up.


If you are interested in a private water supply please contact us with your full postal address so that we can carry out an appraisal and provide an estimate to meet with your requirements.  We also will require to know what the water will be used for and if known the quantity required.  We drill boreholes for domestic water supplies, farm use, irrigation and commercial applications. 

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