Sinking of a New Domestic Well in Washbrook Ipswich

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New Well Sinking by ECP Group Washbrook Ipswich

Sinking of a New Domestic Well in Washbrook Ipswich


We have recently completed the sinking of a new well for a private household water supply as our client wanted their own independent water source.  Previously they were obtaining their water from a shared well which can often lead to problems with usage, power consumption etc. 


Luckily with their neighbours well details, this provided solid evidence of the likely depth required and resultant water quality to be expected.


The well was sunk to a depth of 4.5m which is relatively shallow in comparison to some wells we have worked on, being in excess of 20m or more.  Whereas Sinking A New Well Showing Water Supply Pipepreviously wells were sunk using specially designed bricks that have a natural curvature, nowadays we utilise concrete rings.  Extreme care needs to be taken when sinking the rings to ensure that they drop evenly and do not part.  This is not a process that we would advise is undertaken by untrained persons, which could very easily lead to serious injury or a fatality.


Once water is struck it is essential to continuously pump out the water. With this particular well we came across what we term as boiling sand.  View the YouTube video which clearly shows the effect of this.  I have devised a method whereby we overcome this problem and increase the final yield of the well.  Naturally I will not divulge this with it being a trade secret.  The result is that our client now has a plentiful well water supply, that can be used for the garden and household use.


Water Treatment Equipment by ECP GroupAs the supply was being used in the home for human consumption, we installed an Saphir Ultraviolet Water Disinfection System which ensures that the supply is bacteria free.  In addition, with the supply being shallow and near to agricultural land with the possibility of nitrate and pesticide run off, we also installed a Morion Reverse Osmosis filter which supplies treated water via a dedicated drinking water faucet.


Our client is ecstatic that they now have their own private water supply that simply requires annual maintenance of the water treatment equipment.


We have often mentioned that legally one is able to abstract up to 4400 gpd without a licence, which is not restricted to hose pipe bans in times of drought and can be a valuable asset for the home.  If you are interested in having your own well or borehole then please contact us for further details.

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