The Problems with Triplex Iron Filters

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Triplex Iron Filter Problems

The Setbacks with a Triplex Iron Removal System

The performance of a Shakesby Iron Removal Filter by far surpasses the Triplex System hands down.


We recently carried out a site visit where the client has a Triplex type iron removal system installed that is both too small and which has been incorrectly fitted to be effective in the treatment of iron and manganese removal from the borehole private water supply.  


We can honestly say that we have never come across an installation in such a dire state, with thick iron sludge cascading from the primary tank and Triplex Iron Filter Problems Toilet Stainsspreading all over the floor as a thick gelatinous sludge. 


When we entered the house, and saw the staining in the toilet bowl naturally we asked if they would mind our taking photos and creating a blog.  Well here you have further evidence. 


From new the Triplex system appears to work filtering the iron to a certain degree however, it chokes up relatively quickly.  As time passes the frequency of servicing increases and becomes expensive to maintain.


Although the Shakesby system is initially more expensive, it simply does the job and effectively treats the iron.  Servicing requirements are minimal, and we have filters installed that have been in operation for more than 25 years.


If you have an iron problem, then contact us for further details.

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