This is Why Pre-Filters Should Be Regularly Inspected

Posted by Josie 25/09/2017 0 Comment(s) Recent Projects,Wells and Boreholes,Water Treatment Filters,

Blocked UV Pre-Filter CartridgeThis is Why Pre-Filters Should Be Regularly Inspected

Having recently completed a well restoration project to resolve a severe problem with sand ingress, we decided to inspect the UV pre-filter suspecting that it may have a little sand present. 


What we discovered was truly amazing especially as our client had informed us that the UV filter had only been serviced 4 months prior to our site attendance.  What was equally worrying is that the sand and stones had passed through the pump.  This debris had also made its way throughout the pipework distribution blocking ball valves, toilet cisterns and most likely causing damage to the ceramic seating on their taps. 


With all this debris passing through the Ultraviolet Water filter, it could not have been operating correctly as the bacteria would be shielded from the UV rays.  We always state that pre-filters should be regularly checked and all equipment serviced on time to avoid contaminants making their way into the household water supply.  Once bacteria is in the system it can multiply and be a serious health risk. 


We carry out servicing of all types of water treatment filters, so contact us for further details.  For those of you wishing to carry out this procedure yourselves please visit our web store and view the range of cartridges, germicidal lamps and other ancillaries equipment we have to offer.

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