No You Don't Need a Borehole, Simply an ECP Well Restoration

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Dewatering a Well

No You Don't Need a Borehole, Simply a Well Restoration

We recently have restored the water supply for a domestic private well.  The client had been informed that the well was no longer viable and that a new borehole would need to be drilled.  As we had submitted prices a few years back for restoring the well we were confident that our method of well restoration would be successful.  Furthermore, recommendations from friends and neighbours (our clients) gave credence of our capabilities.


We rigged up our equipment and entered the well and were both surprised and horrified to discover the presences of small polystyrene balls together with rotten pieces of wood from the original wooden bearers.  In addition, due to the previous method used to clean out the well (I hasten to add not by us) the well bottom had become fluid with what we term as boiling sand.  The yield from the well had diminished as more sand was drawn in with each pump cycle. View this short video showing the discoloured dirty water being pump from the well during the dewatering process.


In the past many wells were sunk with wooden bearers spanning the well, not for structural purposes rather to support the original old reciprocating pumps.  These could have been a hand pump or a mechanised version.  Over time as the wood rotted, eventually they would break up dropping into the well bottom.  Apart from making the water unhygienic it can block up modern types of submersible pumps and cause premature failure.


The first exercise was to remove the rotten wooden bearers also making it safer to work down the well.  Once all the debris and silt had been removed back Clean Water After Well Restoration by ECP Groupdown to the original well depth, we carried out our method of both deepening the well and stabilising the bottom, which also increases the yield.  This is a method which we devised approximately 20 years ago, we can’t go into too much detail as it is a trade secret.


We then installed a borehole submersible pump which makes full use of the water supply.  These types of pumps are extremely efficient and quiet running. The result is, that the water pressure is better or equal to a mains water supply. View this short video demonstating the end result.


In our next blog, we speak about the problems associated with pumping wells that are full of debris.


If you have a well that requires attention then please contact us for further assistance.

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