Water Treatment Filters For Mains and Private Water Supplies

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Water supplies fall into two main categories, mains water which is supplied by a local water undertaker such as Anglian Water, or Drinking Water Filters, ECP Group, Ipswich, Suffolk, Essex, Cambridgeshireprivate water supplies, which are from wells, boreholes, streams, rivers or lakes.  We offer an array of filters suitable for both mains and private water supplies.


Mains Water Supplies

One of the major concerns with mains water is the chlorine, odour and taste as a result of the extensive water treatment processes. These can easily be addressed with the installation of a Reverse Osmosis Filter (RO) or a single point of use carbon filter on the drinking water supply.  


The second most important concern is water hardness which results in the build-up of limescale on copper distribution pipework, boilers, washing machines, dishwashers, laundry and ugly scum around taps and shower cabinets.  This can be treated with the installation of a water softener which prevents Limescale from forming such as the Hague Water Treatment Systems, or by an electronic water conditioner such as the WaterKing


Private Water Supplies

The main concerns with private water supplies is the presence of bacteria, iron, nitrates, pesticides, pH and of course hardness.


Bacteria can be treated with the installation of a Saphir Ultraviolet Water Disinfection System.


Iron can be treated with the installation of a Shakesby Iron Removal Filter or the Hague WaterMax Treatment System.


Nitrates, Pesticides and other Heavy Metals can be treated with the installation of a Reverse Osmosis filter such as the Morion Drinking Water System; only the drinking water supply requires treatment.


Aggressive Acidic waters with a low pH value can be treated with the installation of a pH correction filter.  The tell tale sign is the formation of green or blue stains around plug holes and taps due to the acidic water attacking copper pipework.


Hardness can be treated as with mains water supplies by the installation of the Hague Water Treatment Systems which are also capable of treating iron up to 10ppm.

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