A Well or Borehole is The Ulitmate Rainwater Harvesting System

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Well Or Borehole The Ulimate Rainwater Harvesting System

The Ultimate Rainwater Harvesting System


Rainwater Harvesting is not a new concept, but certainly is growing in popularity as many of us are becoming more conscious of how precious clean fresh water is and how expensive it is using mains water for garden irrigation.


Rainwater Harvesting system may be far from your mind during periods of heavy rainfall , however in times of drought or during the hot summer months, the availability of reusing stored rainwater or grey water from baths and showers, can make such economic sense.


Having a Rainwater Harvesting System installed can be expensive and take many years in order to recover the initial installation costs.  In addition, if not installed correctly can have disastrous impacts to flooding and soil erosion when the tank is full.  They also require water treatment and regular maintenance if you are considering using the water for household duties such as flushing toilets.  


In times of low rainfall and high demands for garden irrigation, many systems rely on topping up with mains water which can be expensive, or lay idle as the lack of rain renders them unusable. 


Having your own well or borehole water supply allows you access to water 24 hours per day which is replenished by groundwater.  Any rainfall naturally percolates down into the saturated soil; this saturated soil is called an aquifer and in effect is your underground rainwater harevesting storage tank.


For shallow wells a surface Jet Pump is installed, or for deeper wells a borehole submersible pump with an automatic Hydrostat.  The rising main is linked onto a garden tap or several garden taps around the garden, so that when a tap is switched on or off, the pump starts and stops automatically on demand.


As the well is being used for garden irrigation generally no form of water treatment would be required, other than a strainer if you have a popup irrigation system.  The only servicing required would be general maintenance on the pumping equipment.


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