Spring Start Up

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Spring Start Up ECP Group

Spring Start Up


Spring is in the air and your garden is coming back to life, so now is the time to carry out the Spring Start Up of your irrigation systems. 


Hopefully you remembered to drain down the system and so prevented serious damage to controllers and pipelines.  Well now is the time to refit your controllers and slowly open valves to refill pipelines.  Ensure that this is done gradually to avoid pressure surges which in turn could damage sprinklers and Gardena Irrigation Controllers ECP Groupother delicate irrigation equipment.  If you failed to correctly drain down the irrigation system, this will quickly become apparent. 


The next step is to verify the correct settings for your controller manually activating all irrigation zones and then walking through the system checking on each station.  Things to look out for are pressure drops which could indicate leaks, filters need cleaning, correct rotation of sprinkler heads and accurate coverage.  Make any adjustments necessary and replace any faulty equipment.


Check beds and borders and replace any damaged Leaky Pipe or Drip Pipe lines, we offer straight connectors, tee's and bends to carry out simple repairs.  Cut out the damaged section and replace with new.


If you have any pumping equipment test this out ensuring that it is start stopping correctly and has not seized up.


Once you are happy that everything is in order re-program your controller and test out the system.


If you feel you are unable to carry out this procedure or simply don’t have the time, we offer a professional service whereby we will carry out a spring start up and winter shutdown service, so please contact us for further advise.   

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