Rainwater Harvesting Cistern Ickworth House

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Rainwater Harvesting Cistern Ickworth House Suffolk


Cleaning of Rainwater Harvesting Cisterns at Ickworth House in Suffolk


We recently completed the cleaning of a 4 chamber Rainwater Harvesting Cisterns.  Ickworth House, is the centrepiece of the Ickworth estate and which was the former home of the renowned Hervey Family and now a National Trust Heritage estate.


Rainwater from the extended roof areas collects into a vast subterranean compartmented system with interlinked chambers, which would have been constructed possibly as the main water supply for the hall.  We think the term or idea of rainwater harvesting as being a new concept however, this type of water collection system has been in use for Rainwater Harvesting Cistern Ickworth House Suffolk ECP Grouphundreds of years.


We previously had cleaned out the rainwater harvesting cisterns several years ago and again they were in need to some TLC removing a large volume of silt and debris.  On this recent occasion, we found that the submersed sand filter bed was choked and not allowing water to pass through into the adjoining chamber.  This adjoining chamber holds approximately 75,000 litres of storage capacity which then flows by gravity into an underground storage well.  An electric submersible pump then distributes rainwater around the grounds for the garden irrigation.


This system eliminates the need of having to use, expensive drinking quality mains water for irrigation of the extensive grounds and parkland.  The subterranean rainwater harvesting cisterns provide an Eco-Friendly irrigation system, so that visitors enjoy leisurely walks around the grounds.

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