Final Day of Well Restoration Project Wiveton Hall North Norfolk

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Concrete Well Top Wiveton Hall by ECP Group

Wiveton Hall Cobbled Stone Well Cleaning Project


We have recently completed the first stages of a well cleaning and restoration project at Wiveton Hall, North Norfolk for Mr Desmond MacCarthy.  Filming was underway for the second BBC 2 series of “Normal for Norfolk”; the first series was aired July 2016.  The second series will hopefully show some of our team during the first and second day of the well cleaning exercise.  We are uncertain what will be revealed, and are anxiously looking forward to viewing the final results.  Hopefully we will make it off the cutting room floor!


The Cobbled Stone Well would have been one of the original well water supplies for the 17th century Jacobean manor house.  Desmond was keen to have aChalk in well bottom Wiveton Hall Normal for Norfolk second water supply for his holiday let cottages and popular Restaurant Café.


All the rubble and debris which had fallen into the well was removed and we even actually deepened the well approximately 1/2m into the virgin chalk and increased the supply.  Upon first appearance, the water supply was extremely clear and tasted “Bootiful.”  Water samples were taken and the analysis results demonstrated that the water quality was indeed pure bacteria free and of an excellent source.


As a safety precaution, we will be installing Ultraviolet Water Disinfection filters to ensure that the well supply remains bacteria free and suitable for human consumption.


We have uploaded various short videos on YouTube taken during the well cleaning refurbishment project which we hope you will find of interest.      

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