Cobbled Well Restoration at Wiveton Hall Norfolk

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Cobbled Well Restoration Underway at Wiveton Hall in Norfolk


One of our long-standing clients Mr Desmond MacCarthy of Wiveton Hall, Holt in Norfolk was aware of an old disused Cobbled Stone Well on his property, which Dissued Well at Wiveton Hall North Norfolk by ECP Groupfor many years he had contemplated the benefits of restoring and putting back into working use, as an additional private water supply for his renowned Café and Cottage Holiday lets.


View into Cobbled Well Wiveton Hall North Norfolk by ECP GroupOur MD Rory Dalzell had several discussions with Desmond over the years explaining why he thought it would be an excellent idea and a risk worth taking to restore and refurbish the well. 


Wiveton Hall currently obtains its water from a brick lined well which we deepened with concrete cylinder rings during the sever drought of the early 90's.  As both the Cafe and Holiday lets have increased in popularity, together with the pick your own fruits, Desmond was looking for a way to increase the water availability so that it did not impact on their irrigation requirements.


Initial water samples were taken from the Cobbled Well indicated the presence of bacteria which was expected due to the debris which had fallen down the well over many years.  Based upon these factors Desmond decided that it should be a risk worth taking.


Removal of Cobbold Stones from a Well at Wiveton Hall North Norfolk by ECP Group





Day 1


We are currently in the process of removing all the debris down the well as can be demonstrated by the Rigging up Equipment for Well Restoration at Wiveton Hall North Norfolk by ECP Groupphotos.  When restoring or refurbishing wells we often find many strange objects thrown into the well bottom.  This Cobbled Well as the name would suggest is sunk into the chalk and the walls lined with Cobbled Stones, a building material commonly used throughout North Norfolk. We suspect that it would have been a raised well fabricated from Cobbled Stones and the debris had unfortunately been thrown into the well itself. 


However, a most amazing find was the signature from the well sinker, JB 1891 it filled us with great nostalgia to discover this. 


Signature From Original Well Sinker Discovered During Well Refurbishment by ECP Group


We have uploaded a few videos which hopefully you will find of interest on YouTube or Vimeo and tomorrow will provide further details of the progress made.


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