Bacteria Hidden in Water Tanks

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Black Green Mold on Walls of Potable Water Tank


AreThere Bacteria Lurking in Hidden Places?   


We are often contacted by clients informing that a recent water analysis has revealed the presence of bacteria in the water supply despite having a Ultraviolet Water Disinfection System (UV Filter) installed. 


The first questions we would ask are;


When was the UV filter last serviced?

Is there a pre-filter fitted?


If the answer to the above questions is: more than a year ago and no there is no pre-filter fitted, then almost certainly this is the reason why there is bacteria in the water supply.  We cannot stress enough how vitally important it is that UV filters are serviced annually and always advise that a pre-filter is fitted to help prevent sediment being drawn through the system, which obstructs the UV rays from treating the water correctly.


If however, the answer is: less than a year ago and yes, we do have a pre-filter fitted, then our next question would be;

Do you have a tank in the loft and when was the last time this was inspected or cleaned?

The above photo shows the presence of a black / green fungal mold growing on the inner walls of a domestic water holding tank in the loft.  On this occasion, it was due to an ill-fitting lid allowing debris, insects and animal faeces to enter the tanks (there were 3 in total).  As the tanks are often hidden out of site in attics or lofts may clients simply forget about them and are struck with horror when they discover the debris and bacteria lurking in the water.


We undertake water tank cleaning or replacement for both mains water supplies and private water supplies.  We will ensure that the system is thoroughly inspected and upgraded to the current Water Byelaws


If you have any questions or require assistance then contact us, we would be pleased to offer our assistance and expertise. 

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