Sinking a New Well Part 2

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Well Sinking ECP Group, Ipswich, Suffolk, Essex, East Anglia, CambridgeFollowing on from our previous blog regarding the sinking of a new domestic well Sinking New Well we completed the task with fantastic results.  The well was sunk to a depth of 5.50m into an unlined section of Coralline Crag.  Coralline Crag is a unique stratum only found in this part of the world formed by an ancient sea bed, this link "Suffolk Coast and Heaths" explains a little more about this geology and how it came to be in existence.


We struck water at 4.30m (the rest water level) giving a total 1.20m depth of water, with a yield of approximately 1200gph (gallons per hour).  It has been calculated that we utilise 40 gallons per person per day (180 litres), this supply is sufficient to serve a population of 700 people with all their daily water requirements. 


The well initially is going to be used as a sole water supply for a new domestic development being built by Willow Builders and New well top, ECP Group, Aldeburgh, Suffolkdesigned by Mole Architects.  We have installed a top quality stainless steel ES4 Espa borehole submersible pump, which will then serve the property as the final pump installation.  This type of pump will provide sufficient flow and pressure to run a modern fully automatic pressurised domestic water supply (with flow and pressure better than the mains).  This property will also incorporate a fire sprinkler system installed by AES National Ltd. Our submersible pump will also feed a fire pump break tank which hopefully will never be used.


Well Sinking ECP Group Aldeburgh, SuffolkWater samples have been taken and we are awaiting receipt of the results.  We already have planned to install a Saphir Ultraviolet Water Disinfection system, which we always install on private water supplies ensuring bacteria free water.  We will also install in the kitchen a Morion Drinking Water Reverse Osmosis filter, which will produces ultra-pure drinking and cooking water.  As water in this area is generally hard with a presence of iron, consideration is going be given for the installation of a Hague Water Conditioner / Softener which will provided softened water and also remove any residual iron.


Whilst sinking the well into the Coralline Crag we did detect a series of thin iron seams in the rock and therefore through experience realised that there will be a touch of iron in the water supply.  We are distributors and installers of the Shakesby Iron Removal Filters; however on this particular site feel this will not be required.  The Hague Water Conditioner / Softeners are capable of reducing iron up to 10ppm and also incorporate a 20 micron self-back washing pre-filter which is ideal for mains and private water supplies.  Other softeners do not have this unique feature and can easily choke up.  For moderate to server iron problems we would always recommend the installation a dedicated Shakesby Iron Removal Filter. 



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