Private Well Water Supply Alterations

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Risk Assessment Modifications to Private Water Supply


New UV and Pressure Vessels

Our client had received a visit from their local Environmental Health Department where they had carried out a water risk assessment and informed them, that urgent repairs and modifications were required to the well water supply to bring it up to standard for human consumption.

This project involved a private well water supply which provides water to the farm, farm house and four cottages.   Our site visit and Risk Assessment report revealed a well water supply with inadequate water treatment equipment and an inappropriate well cover which could very easily allow surface water to enter contaminating the well supply.  Other faults discovered were simply due to lack of regular maintenance


Legislation states:

That local authorities are required to carry out a risk assessment within five years of the Regulations coming into force and at least every subsequent five years for every private water supply.  The risk assessment should identify hazards and potential sources of risk that could render the water intended for human consumption as unwholesome.

If the local authority considers that a private water supply in its area is a potential danger to human health, it is their responsibility to ensure that the appropriate information is available to the people who are likely to consume the water and provide advice on necessary measures to protect human health.  The local authority can grant an authorization or serve a notice to prevent the use of supply and to ensure that remedial works are carried out.  The notice must be lifted once there is no longer potential danger to human health.


Works carried out were:

Water Tank with lagging in loftRemove 3 qty cold water tanks in loft space of farm house.  Supply and install a new water tank with Snap-On lid and insect screen.Morion RO installation under kitchen sink


Supply and install a suitably sized Sita Ultraviolet Water Disinfection System capable of treating the farm, farm house and four cottages.


Supply and install 2 qty 300 litre pressure vessels and pressure regulation equipment so as to pressurise the water supply.


Modify and replace old pipework around system with new corrosion proof pipework, fittings and check valves.


At well head clean manhole cover and fit protective gasket to prevent ingress of surface water into the well.  Fit bolts onto manhole to prevent unauthorised access.


Fit a Morion Drinking Water Reverse Osmosis filter at the Farm House supply and other cottages if required to be fitted at a later date.


This is another private water supply which has been brought up to standard and with regular annual maintenance will satisfy the regulation.  If you have a supply that requires attention then please contact us for further advice and assistance.

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