Risk Assessment for Private Water Supplies

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Risk Assessments of Private Water Supplies ECP GroupRisk Assessment for Private Water Supplies

We are finding that more and more clients are contacting us stating that their local Environmental Health Authorities are carrying out water risk assessments on their private water supplies and advising that urgent attention is required to the installation and method of water treatment.  In some extreme instances a notice has been served instructing that the works need to be carried out within a certain time frame.


We have often heard the argument “I have been drinking this water for many years and it has done me no harm.”  Most likely this is due to having developed some form of immunity to the bugs which may be present in the water supply however, if your immune system is low, you have guests visiting, small children and the elderly, they may not be so lucky.


The main objectives of the Water Risk Assessment are to:


1.       Establish and identify any risks which could be contaminating the water source.

2.       Establish the risks which need to be controlled, what water treatment process are in place and if they need to be upgraded or modified in anyway.

3.       Establish whether the contamination is entering the water source and possibly polluting the aquifer.

4.       Establish if there are any risks within the home that may be contributing to the contamination.


Quite often it may be simple things like not having an adequate cover on the borehole or well.  Loft tanks if present not having correct fitting lids preventing the ingress of rodents, insects and debris.  Ground water can enter the well or borehole. 


If there are water treatment filters in place are these regularly serviced?  It seems illogical going to the expense and process of having an Ultraviolet Water System installed to eradicate the bacteria and not having it regularly serviced.  Likewise, if there is a pH, Iron or Manganese filter, that these are serviced and the media bed topped up.


We realise that the water risk assessment procedure may be considered as a nuisance or an intrusion however, it is for all our benefits i.e. for the user, other surrounding properties and even the local public water authorities that may be tapping into the same aquifer.  It is imperative that the aquifer is protected so that we may all enjoy the pleasure of having safe clean drinking water on tap.


If you have received a water risk assessment and are advised that urgent action is required, please don’t ignore this and act now to avoid unnecessary notices or enforcements.  Contact us for further help and assistance we will be pleased to offer our serives to ensure that your private water supply is safe and clean.

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