Borehole Private Water Supply Service

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Manganese in Bore Water Pumping to Waste ECP Group Service

Borehole Private Water Supply Service


We have been looking after a site for many years where our client has a borehole private water supply that serves the household and garden irrigation supplies.  Unfortunately, the borehole suffers from Iron and Manganese, with the latter being the most prevalent problem and which can clearly be seen by the following YouTube short video.


We installed a ShakesbyT Type Iron and Manganese Removal filter almost 26 years ago, which until recently had been Shakesby Old B Type Filter ECP Groupperforming extremely well coping with the elevated iron and manganese levels.  Iron and Manganese are not considered to be harmful to health, they are more of an aesthetic problem resulting in staining, discoloration and giving off pungent unpleasant aromas.  Iron and Manganese also tends to build up internally through the bore pump, rising main and distribution pipework resulting in reduced flows and pressure, hence why it is important to service all equipment regularly.


Having recently replaced the borehole submersible pump, the Shakesby T type filter also required servicing.  With the valve head being extremely old various components required replacing making it uneconomical to repair.  Replacing the valve head was not an option as it is the most expensive piece of equipment.  We therefore recommended that a new ET1354 Iron and Manganese Removal filter should be installed to take advantage of the manufacturers warranty. 


We are due to return and fit the replacement ET1354 filter and are certain that our client will enjoy many more years of satisfactory service.  We are proud to announce that we are distributors and installers of the Shakesby range of iron and manganese removal filters, which offer an unsurpassed performance and duty record when compared to other filters on the market.


If you require servicing of your well, borehole, pumping and water treatment equipment then please contact us for further details.  If you simply wish to purchase equipment and carry out the service yourselves we would be pleased to offer telephone assistance, on the condition that spares are purchased from our stores or website.

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