Private Water Supply Restoration

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Private Water Supply Restoration


We are currently in the process of restoring a private water supply in the Kirton area just on the outskirts of Ipswich.  The property is serviced by a borehole which unfortunately both we and the new owner were unable to discover its whereabouts, despite extensive searches around the grounds.  There was however, a disused well which initial investigation indicated that it had been out of use for many years.


The internal pipework and sanitary ware in the cottage indicated that the borehole supply was high in iron and that a Shakesby Iron Removal filter would be required.  Unless the location of the borehole could be established, there seemed little point in going to the expense of installing filtration equipment, as when the bore pump failed, our client would be without a water supply.  It was therefore decided to reinstate the well as the main household water supply and keep the borehole for irrigation purposes. 


Well Botom Finished on Stone Clay FormationPrior to our attending site our client advised us that miraculously whilst cutting back vegetation around the well entrance they discovered the whereabouts of Borehole Private Water Supplythe borehole hidden amongst overgrown brambles and hedgerow some 10m distance from the well.  It is amazing how this was allowed to happen and which could have very easily remained hidden for many years.  Despite this discovery our client was still extremely keen to reinstate the well as the main water supply and which we agreed was the most sensible choice.


We attend site, rigged up our well cleaning equipment and proceeded to firstly make the well safe by removing the raised brick well top, which was in a bad deteriorated order and then remove the build of debris and sludge in the well bottom.  Once the well reinstatement was completed we installed the pump, but unfortunately found that the yield was not as high as expected.  It was sufficient for a small family dwelling, but possibly insufficient to meet our client’s future demands. 


It was therefore, agreed that the borehole should be reinstated as the main household supply.  We extracted the old borehole submersible which appeared to be stuck.  Once removed we dipped the bore to find that the depth appeared to be shallower than expected.  We then installed the new pump finding that some form of obstruction was present and which we assumed was due to the bore cover not covering the borehole entrance and debris falling into the bore.  There was a large volume to worm castings and debris within the bore chamber to bore height, this can clearly be seen by the photo above.


The next stage of works is to air lift the bore to remove the obstruction, repair the bore chamber with a new correct fitting cover and then install the new bore pump with a Shakesby Iron Removal Filter and other necessary water filtration equipment.  

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