Water Treatment Filters Serviced and Upgraded

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Recommendation by Exisiting Client to Service Water Treatment Equipment


We were recommended by an existing client for the maintenance of a private well, water supply at a neighbouring property in the Weeley Heath Area of Essex.  We are extremely pleased when this happens as it demonstrates our client’s satisfaction with the services we provide.


The Water Supply was from a domestic well which provides water for the house and garden. 


Water Treatment equipment on site was an old Ultraviolet Water Disinfection System which needed upgrading.


We have other clients in the area that suffer from an aggressive water supply which is low in pH and therefore advised that a pH correction filter should be installed.   In fact, from Colchester down to Clacton and over to Harwich, almost all the shallow wells have a low PH.  Water supplies with a low pH although not harmful for human consumption, the effects of the aggressive water leaching heavy metals from plumbing systems, can have a harmful effect on our health, not to mention the problems caused with boilers, pipework distribution and appliances.


We removed the old UV filter and corroded pipework and installed a new Saphir 2 Ultraviolet Water Disinfection System and new PVC corrosion proof pipework.  We were able to reuse the existing pre-filters simply replacing the connections, cleaning the housings and installing new sediment cartridges.


We installed a PHLIFT 1035 pH correction filter again with corrosion proof PVC pipework.  We buy in all components for our pH filters and assemble these ourselves.  We use a calcium carbonate based pH correction media unlike many other pH manufacturers which use a limestone media.  Our media dissolves upon contact with the aggressive water and requires topping up. Annually.


A few days later our client called back advising that they had no water.  Upon tracing through, it was discovered that the pump footvalve down the well on the pump suction had corroded and split, causing the pump to lose its prime.  A new footvalve was fitted utilising the existing suction pipe.


If you require a service or upgrade of your existing water treatment filters, then please contact us and we would be pleased to assist and offer our services.  We always recommend that the equipment is serviced annually replacing all consumable spares such as germicidal lamps, pre-filter cartridges and finally topping up the pH correction media. 

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