Emergency Sewage Pump Breakdown

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We were requested to attend an emergency Saturday pump breakdown at a Nursing home near Southend.  The previous bank holiday weekend the pumps had failed resulting in raw sewage backing up and flooding the lower ground floor.  Naturally the manager was concerned that the same issue would unfold, therefore we were contacted to assist with the problem.  I hasten to add that the installation and previous servicing was carried out by another company.


When we arrived on site we were horrified to discover that a 1ph pump had been installed on a 3ph dual pump control panel.  It’s no wonder that the pump failed, how this mistake could be made is just incomprehensible.


All that we could do at this stage was to disconnect the 1ph pump and service the 3ph Grundfos pump.  Once the Grundfos pump was reinstalled the float switches were lowered to maximum, so that the pump would cut in more frequently and hopefully keep the chamber from flooding. 


A few days later we returned to site and fitted a new 3ph pump much to the delight of the nursing home staff.  The clean up must have been horrendous and an unenviable task.  Apparently the sewage even filled up the lift shaft and lay undiscovered for several weeks, so not a very pleasant job for the poor lift engineering staff. 


We regularly carry out annual and biannual servicing of all type of pump installations and water treatment filters, therefore if you have an installation that requires attention then please contact us for further details.  


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