UV Treatment for Rainwater Harvesting Systems

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Do I Require UV Treatment for Rainwater Harvesting System?

Rainwater Harvesting Storm Water Pipe

If you are considering using a rainwater harvesting system for your domestic water supply, then it is essential that the water undergoes strict treatment via a suitable Ultraviolet Water Disinfection System.  Daro offer the Saphir range of Ultraviolet Water Disinfection systems which can be fitted onto any Rainwater Harvesting System.


Being a natural resource, it is such a shame that we are not making more use of rainwater and instead watching it virtually go down the drain.  One has to bear in mind however, that rainwater will contain debris and contaminants and therefore needs correct filtration before being used around the home.  As rain precipitates through the air and washes off the roofs of our homes, it will pick up debris, birds droppings, animal faeces, moss, algae and other urban pollutants. 


Rainwater harvesting is ideal for garden irrigation and having simple water butts scattered around the garden catching roof rainwater, or underground tanks installed, are an excellent idea and do not require UV treatment filters.  Furthermore, using rainwater reduces the amount of water being pumped from the well, borehole, stream or water mains when used for irrigation of the garden and which in turn is helping to save the environment.


Even if you are considering using the rainwater for the flushing of toilets, then we would recommend Ultraviolet (UV) treatment.  The UV filter will require pre-filters being installed in series, to filter out any debris before the water passes through the UV filter, so as to ensure correct treatment.


If you have a UV filter that requires servicing, or are thinking of converting an underground rainwater storage tank for the use of rainwater around the home, then contact us for further advice and assistance.

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