Water Butts for Rainwater Harvesting

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Water Butts for Rainwater Harvesting

Connect Water Butts Together for Quick and Simple Maintenance Free Rainwater Harvesting System


It just makes sense to collect rainwater from your roof areas instead of letting it go straight to waste down the drain.  The collection of rainwater into water butts provides a useful source of water for hand watering or drip irrigation. 


Even if you are on a private water supply, collecting rainwater into a water butt will save energy and resources due to not having to pump water from Rainwater Harvesting Water Buttsyour well, borehole or stream.  If you are on the mains water supply, it will reduce your carbon foot print by reducing your water consumption.

It is estimated that if each household in the UK were to collect rainwater into a water butt, this would save approximately 30,000 million litres of water each summer.  This is a staggering amount and sufficient to fill a reservoir.   So just to put this into perspective, one hour spent setting up your water butt is all that is required to help protect our valuable water supplies.


7% of the water we consume is for outdoor use, however, during the summer months this can increase to 50% during peak demand periods.  Using a water butt for the collection of rainwater is a no brainer really, plus your garden will benefit from the use of rainwater as plants prefer natural rainwater to mains chlorinated water.


Rainwater harvesting in this country is still in its infancy, as many countries around the world especially those is dry arid areas, are making better use of this free valuable resource. 


Rainwater can generally be stored for pro-longed periods without any major problems.  Always ensure that there is a secure fitting lid and any open areas are covered with a fine grid to prevent the infiltration of insects, mosquitos etc.  There are products available on the market which can be added to the water butt to prevent odour and bacterial build up, however, a few simple inexpensive ideas are available.  For example place small polystyrene balls on the water surface or Wood Effect Water Butt ECP Groupa layer of vegetable oil.  


Burgundy Barrel Water ButtWe have a range of quality water butts on offer which can be set up in series, or individually around the garden collecting rainwater water off any roof surface providing a simple rainwater harvesting system that requires no maintenance.  Some of these look so realistic reassembling old wine barrels, tree trunks, ancient Greek urns and wooden shingle boxes.  We also now have available a modern colourful design which incorporates a space on the top for planting flowers so that it reassembles a large pot. 


We can also supply larger above ground or underground tanks which can hold up to 2000 litres of more. Click here to view our Rainwater Harvesting products or alternatively send us an email with your requirements.


We would always recommend installing a filter before the water butt to stop the ingress of debris and leaves from the roof, we are stockist of the high quality 3P Technik products, we recommend the type of filter which should be used for each water butt.


If you are uncertain of your requirements then contact us and we will be pleased to assist as best we can.

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