Sinking a New Well Part 1

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ECP Group Well Sinking Aldeburgh, Suffolk

Incredibly in 2014 we sunk a new 5m well, for a private water supply in Aldeburgh Suffolk.  We believe that we are one of the few remaining companies in the UK that is still actively sinking new wells.


As we have extensive Hydrogeological records with hands on experience ECP Group Well Sinking Aldeburgh, Suffolkwe decided that a well would be best suited in this area rather than a borehole.  We would be pushing our luck the deeper went into the strata with the likelihood of the water being brackish.  We therefore tapped into an ancient water table which due to the recent tidal surges from the sea brackish water may have infiltrated into the stratum. 


In some instances a well is simply by far a better option than drilling a new borehole.  A well would only tap a metre or so into the aquifer whereas a borehole would have to go much deeper. 


In years gone by the water well wwould have been sunk by hand and lined with bricks, rocks, flint stone or whatever materials was available locally.  It was and is incredibly hard and dangerous work, as the only controlled way of sinking the well, was by a person actually standing within the excavation and digging by hand, uniformly undermining the well walls as additional material was added from the surface.  Nowadays we cheat a little and sink concrete rings, which is much safer as the process is like self-shuttering.  Once the water table is hit the whole process of well sinking takes on a different challenge, as the ingress of water requires constant pumping keeping the water level depressed.  This is not a task that we recommended to anyone untrained, we have been doing this type of work for 48 years and still learning.


If you are interested in having a well sunk or interested in reinstating an existing supply then please contact us for further advise.

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