Annual Service of Foul Drainage Pumps

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Rain Water Pump Installation ECP Group Ipswich Suffolk

Annual Service of Foul Drainage Pumps at Felixstowe Leisure Centre


We have often mentioned the importance of regular servicing and maintenance of vital pumping equipment and a recent service we carried out at Felixstowe Leisure Centre certainly highlighted this.  They have a dual pump set which consist of 2 qty ABS submersible drainage pumps which are now manufactured by Sulzer Pump of Switzerland.  


The recent servicing and maintenance we carried out, revealed that the guide rails were corroded with a heavy build-up of rust, so that when we lifted the pumps out, one of the units grabbed and smashed the cast iron bracket.  The chamber collects rain water from the leisure centre roof and due to its proximity being so close to the sea, the salt deposits of the rain water residue is extremely aggressive.


Fortunately, we had a replacement cast iron bracket in stock and were able to effect repairs with a minimum of disruption ensuring continuity of service.


In such critical situations we would recommend having a duty standby pump arrangement, so that should one pump fail, the second unit will automatically take over service until the faulty unit can be repaired or replaced.  Very rarely do pumps fail at a convenient time, as we all know it may be late evenings or weekends.  Many sites will only have a single pump arrangement which is not ideal, should the pump fail it then becomes an emergency. 


The type of pumps used in these installations, are not readily available off the shelf and therefore, often subject to extended build times.  Hence another valid reason in opting for a dual pump installation.    In this instance the installation is serviced bi-annually and this manner we are able to hopefully prevent serious breakdowns occurring.


If you are interested in setting up a regular maintenance agreement for the servicing of your pumping station, then please contact us for further advice and assistance.  We will gladly attend site and carry out a site visit to determine the frequency and detail of the service required.

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