Well Restoration and Improvements

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Well Restoration Eliminating Sand Ingress


Well Restoration and Improvement Eliminating Sand Ingress


We were contacted by Sheil Architecture Ltd. a Suffolk based company which carry out prestigious projects throughout East Anglia, London and the South East.  They had a client with a private well water supply, where another company had advised them that a new 80m deep borehole tapping into the chalk aquifer would be required, due to the well pumping sand. 


We carried out an initial site visit and recommended that if the well were cleaned out and our restoration procedure implemented, that the well could be Well Restoration near Flatford Mil Suffolklrestored back into good working order.


The first stage of works was to remove the pumping equipment and dewater the well.  Whilst cleaning out we discovered the presence of newts in the water which we carefully removed and placed them in a more appropriate location to a nearby stream.  Once all the silt had been removed we carried out our restoration procedure (as previously mentioned we can’t give precise details, as it is a trade secrete devised by our MD Rory Dalzell). 


Well Restoration near Flatford Mill Suffolk New Well TopThe finished result was a well successfully restored into good working order, without the previous problem of sand ingress.  Our client was extremely pleased as they had thought that a new deep expensive borehole would be required.


We installed a new efficient borehole submersible pump.  We also altered the pressurisation and water treatment equipment so that it was installed in the correct sequence.  We also installed a larger pre-filter on the UV filter as a precautionary measure.


We noted that an incorrect type of well cover had been fitted which most likely had allowed the newts to enter the well Water Treatment Filter Installation near Flatford Mill Suffolktogether with slugs and other undesirable wildlife.  We fitted a new inherently child proof concrete manhole cover and frame.  However, as the well is very close to a public footpath we fabricated a steel locking device.  Incidentally this is the same foot path that the famous Suffolk painter John Constable would have walked along near Flatford Mill.


We finally installed an under-sink Aquaphor Morion Reverse Osmosis Filter which produces ultra pure drinking water, which can used for the preparation of all hot and cold beverages, cooking and prepartion of food.  The Morion is a modern compact design which does not rely on a separate pressurised treated water storage vessel and takes up less kitchen cupboard space.  It is also more efficient and uses less water than conventional RO filters.


If you have a well which you are interested in having restored, then please contact us for further advice and assistance.

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