Water Treatment Filter Service

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Bore Cover Allowing Water Ingress

Water Treatment Filter Service 


We have been receiving more calls lately from clients advising that their local Environmental Health Department are carrying out risk assessments of their private water supplies.  Although this may seem rather intrusive and irritating the risk assessments are carried out with our best interest at heart. 


It's important to remember that the Environmental Health Department have the power to issue and enforce improvement notices which if ignored, could have serious and costly implications.  This is why we can’t stress enough the importance of having suitable water treatment filters installed and that regular servicing is carried out of these filters on an annual basis. 


We have just completed a project where we annually service our client’s filtration equipment and the risk assessment revealed that the bore cover plate was not quite to standard.   We therefore, had to attend site, rig up our shear legs and lifting tackle over the bore and partially lift the pump allowing us to fit a new hygienic bore cover plate. 


Although the water analysis revealed that the water quality is of excellent quality, for peace of mind our clients have two UV filters, two RO filters and a water softener installed.


Whilst servicing one of the UV filters the internal quartz sleeve was found to be fractured and as this particular UV was obsolete, we installed a new Saphir 3 UV Filter.


If you have any improvements that are required to your private water supply installation, or are concerned about the water quality then please contact us for further advise and assistance. 

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