Well Restoration For Domestic Water Supply

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Well Restoration by ECP Group Ipswich Suffolk

Well Restoration


We carried out a well restoration project in Crettingham Suffolk.  Extensive house renovations were taking place and our client wanted to restore an old disused well for the main household supply and garden irrigation duties.  Our client was also very keen to keep the fern foliage growing around the well walls as it created a very picturesque display.


Our initial investigations revealed a 4’ diameter brick lined well with a total depth of 9m and a rest water level of 8.55m.  Rest water level refers to the depth from ground level to the water level.  This therefore indicated the total water depth as being 45cm.


The first job in hand was to enter the well and remove all silt and debris that had accumulated over the years, down to the original well bottom.  We then installed a bore in the bottom increasing the yield and allowing full access of the water table.  This method of well restoration is a technique designed and developed by our MD Rory Dalzell and which has proven to be extremely successful in improving the yield of many wells.  In addition, it also helps prevent the ingress of sand into the well, a problem which often will cause a reduced flow and depth of available water.    


We then installed a well type submersible pump made fully automatic with a Hydrostat.  The Hydrostat has the added benefit of protecting the pump, so that should the water level depress, the submersible pump will automatically cut out.  Once the water level has recovered all that is simply required is to switch the Hydrostat back on.


As the water was primarily going to be used for their household supply, we installed a Saphir 2 Ultraviolet Water Disinfection System (UV Filter) which Well Restoration by ECP Group Ipswich Suffolkdestroys bacteria upon contact making the water safe for human consumption. 


We also installed a Morion Reverse Osmosis Filter at the kitchen sink, with a separate faucet (tap) for a treated cold water supply.  The Morion RO produces purified drinking and cooking water for the home, thereby eliminating the need of having to buy expensive bottled water.  The RO process reduces / removes impurities for the drinking water such as nitrates, pesticides, herbicides, lead, heavy metals etc. 


Our client is ecstatic, as having restored an old well back into working order they are now using the supply for household use.  They now also have a plentiful water supply to irrigate their garden and which will not be affected by any future hosepipe bans.  Water for irrigation can be used directly from the well without any form of filtration.  Ideal for garden sprinklers and a drip feed irrigation system.


If you have a well which you are interested in restoring and putting back into working order, then contact us for further advice. 

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Peter Rademeyer:
26/12/2016, 08:15:57 PM

Hello, Do you offer a well inspection service. I have a well in close proximity to my house and need to know if there is anything I need to be aware of regarding it. Please could you get in contact asap. Many thanks Peter

Josie Dalzell:
20/11/2017, 01:49:29 PM

Hi Peter Sorry for the late response, we have been having problems with notifications of comments left not being received. We are currently looking into this and have emailed directly. Best regards Josie

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