UV and Shakesby Filter Installation for Borehole Water Supply

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Old Installation with Triplex Iron Filter System

UV and Shakesby Filter Installation for Borehole Water Supply


Our client Nazeing Glass Works are one of the oldest surviving glass manufacturers in the UK that specialise in glass pressing and glass blowing and have won numerous prestigious awards.  Their manufacturing process relies on a water supply from a 200’ deep 6” diameter borehole.  The borehole also supplies water to other commercial units which use the water for both industrial use and human consumption in staff kitchens and rest rooms.


As our client Nazeing Glass Works is a responsible provider a risk assessment was carried out and we were contracted to carry out any necessary 20" Pre-Filter Kits on UV Filterremedial upgrades to the water supply.


New Shakesby and Saphir4+ UV FiltersThe first step was to improve the well head so as to prevent the ingress of ground water infiltration into the bore which could lead to contamination of the water supply. 


The next stage was to remove all old ineffective and undersized water treatment equipment, namely a Triplex Iron treatment system and UV filter.   


We are distributors and suppliers of the Shakesby Iron Removal Filters, which we have stated on numerous occasions are simply the best Iron and Manganese removal filters on the market.  The Shakesby filters rely on only one single unit as opposed to three units used by the Triplex System.  Due to the Shakesby patented valve head design and SIRM media, they require minimum maintenance.  We have Shakesby filters installed for over 25 years and they are still operating effectively today.


We installed a Shakesby ET1865 self-aerating and venting Iron Removal filter.


Two Saphir 4plus Ultraviolet Water Disinfection Systems (UV Filers) with auto stop valves, which if the lamp fails or power supply is interrupted stops the flow of water passing through the UV and preventing bacteria entering the system.  As there are two units installed the water supply should be uninterrupted.  We also installed two 20” 5-micron sediment pre-filter kits.  All pipework where possible was changed to professional corrosion proof solvent weld PVC.


Our client is extremely happy with the works we carried out as now they have a wholesome water supply that requires minimal annual maintenance.


Should you have a similar project and would like to discuss your requirements please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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